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Healthy Smoothie Criminal

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

It’s all about being healthy! Smoothies are a great, tasty and fun way to help you maintain a healthy you.


Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies! Over the years smoothies have become a bit of a craze! And to be honest I have jumped on it just a little bit! They can be a good way to get your daily dose of fruit and vegetables. I’m not going lie there are some smoothie recipes out there that are disgusting just plain, out right horrible, just a straight up: No thank you! So the reason why I decided to jump on this smoothie train was in order to add more vitamins into my diet naturally, rather than taking hundreds of supplements each day, you only need to take minimal supplements! I also wanted to become healthier and put more clean and green food into my body, without having every meal bombarded with greenery or eating “Just Salads”. It took me a while to find a smoothie recipe that provided me the benefits that I wanted, the vitamins that I needed and also tastes nice; I persevered and researched the best ingredients for a pure green smoothie and a treat smoothie!

…..And without further adieu here they are……


The Pure Green:

I drink this shake every morning (Monday to Friday). It gives me energy and the vitamins I need it’s a great healthy way to start the day. Also don’t be alarmed if your poo is green!


Use raw only! Spinach packs a punch, loaded with Vitamin C and iron, good source of fiber too, great if you have digestive issues! Low in calories & apparently helps to reduce appetite (Hard task when it comes to me really!)


Full of Antioxidants & is a natural anti inflammatory, packed full of vitamin K which is good for the blood and bones!

Romanie Lettuce

All about the Vitamins! A, C, K, Antioxidants, although low in fiber, but low in calories


Vitamin A, C, B1, B6, D, Magnesium & Potassium. Stay hydrated as we all know cucumber is 95%


Full of antioxidants (Vitamin A & C) great for the skin and hair too!


Good all round health benefits, especially good for the gut & Is also and anti inflammatory

Aloe Vera Juice

Less sugar than apple juice , great for skin and digestions

Packed full of Antioxidants, Calcium, magnesium and a very high source of iron!


The Almonana:

This is my treat shake; it’s sweet and tastes amazing! I have this in the mornings on the weekend! This shake is also great before or after a workout with the banana content. Keeping healthy and treating yourself too!


Fiber, Protein, Good source of vitamin C, B & K

Almond Milk

Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin D & E – Plus it’s a good source of Protein too!

Packed full of Antioxidants, Calcium, magnesium and a very high source of iron!


Did you try it? Let me know how it goes! Comment, Share & don’t forget to subscribe for more experiences trying things out!


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